What Can I Do with my BOS Tokens?

What Can I Do With my BOS Tokens?

BOS tokens posses incredibly powers! Don’t just leave it dormant, lying fallow in a wallet. Use it!

Buy and Sell Stuff:

You can trade with BOS tokens within the BOS community. Yes, you can trade in exchanges but I’m talking about real person to person trade to pay for goods and services. BOS is the ideal currency for everyday transactions because of the following reasons:

  • It is free to use: There are no transaction fees in BOS. Payments are entirely free.
  • It fast as Flash: BOS transactions are confirmed instantly (in 0.5 seconds) and finality occurs in less than 3 seconds. No other cryptocurrency is as fast as BOS.
BOS is as fast as Flash!
  • A free port for the world of cryptocurrencies: In the future, BOS would be the preferred cryptocurrency to use for transacting because of the way it seamlessly connects with every blockchain and cryptocurrency. You would be able to transact with most cryptocurrencies through the BOS network.

Build on BOS

BOS Tokens has resources that give token holders access to build on BOS. This is on a pro-rata basis meaning that if you have 1 BOS, you have one unit of RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth and if you have 100 BOS, you have 100 units of access and so on. BOS is the ideal platform for developers and developers are going to prefer to build on BOS because of the following reasons:

  • BOS has 3 Sec LIB meaning that transactions become irreversible after 3 Seconds.
  • BOS has a low requirement for resources (RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth).
  • The cost of starting a dApp on BOSCore is much cheaper than those on EOS or any other blockchain.
  • BOS IBC would make BOS attractive to developers who want their applications to be used by multiple blockchains.

Exercise your Voting Rights

One of the special features that your BOS tokens possess is that it gives you voting power. This is also on bass on pro-rata or based on stake. If you have more BOS tokens, your vote will carry more weight and you would be able to exert more influence on the network.


Vote for how the Worker Proposal Funds is Spent

BOSCore has set aside 100 million BOS tokens to be used in developing the BOS ecosystem. You can vote for how the Worker Proposal Funds in BOS is spent. You can vote for your favorite projects that want to build on BOS and you can also use your tokens to submit your own proposals.

Make Passive Income and Capital Gains

You can make passive income from BOS by staking your BOS tokens to BOS REX. BOS REX allows you to lend your tokens to developers. DAPP developers get cheaper resources to build with while you get passive income. Win-win!


Use BOS DApps

According to an article by Blocksiam, YIYOU, has partnered with BOSCore, Huobi Pool, Tokenpocket Wallet, Starteos Wallet and Unico, a gaming distribution platform, aiming to bring more games to the BOS Blockchain and EOS.IO ecosystem.

Dragon Master Ancient War https://www.dragonmaster.io



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