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Oct 30, 2019

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Understanding EOS: the perfect beginner guide to EOS, blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Understanding EOS is the first-ever beginner handbook that was published about EOS. It is authored by Toju Kaka(real name: Kaka Toritseju). Although originally designed to be the beginner handbook for EmpowermeEOS students, “Understand EOS” is the perfect beginner guide for anyone that wants to learn the basics of EOS, blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The book answers some of the most daunting questions that newbies in the crypto space would have. It presents the most complex concepts in way that a child can understand yet it does not forgo the important details.

Understanding EOS comprises of nine chapters which include the following: What is EOS; EOS has superpowers; Why is EOS so important; Starting out on EOS; Dan Larimer; EOS Block Producers; EOS DApps; How to Make Money on EOS; and EmpowermeEOS.


Understanding EOS is designed to be a series of books about EOS, released in editions and constantly revised to include the upgrades that happen in the EOS.IO ecosystem. The book is designed to grow as the ecosystem grows. The author, therefore, gave all buyers of the book free access to future revisions of the book in other to give them maximum value.,

The first edition of the book focuses on the basics of EOS. The second and third edition will focus on EOS.IO based blockchains and the evolution of dApps respectively.

Giving Readers Free Mentorship on the Basics of EOS

The author of the book is obsessed with giving value to the readers and therefore provided a solution where readers can get free mentorship on anything related to the basics of EOS via the EmpowermeEOS telegram group.

About the Author

A Social Impact Book

50% of all the profits made from the sales of the book go to helping teens and youths in marginalized communities by giving them scholarship into the EmpowermeEOS educational and mentorship program and giving them phones and laptops.

Praises for the Book

How to get the Book?

The book is physically available in every state in Nigeria and every country in Africa. You can find it on Amazon. You can buy it with any national currency or any of the major cryptocurrencies and deliveries can be made to any part of the world.

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