TokenPocket’s TPExchange: Why Create an Account?

TPExchange is the latest product from TokenPocket which gives users the ability to trade with the combined liquidity and niceties of three major centralized exchanges (Binance, Huobi and OKEx) from the comfort and security of the TokenPocket mobile app, using a single account. It’s currently available on play store and apple store.

What is TokenPocket?

TokenPocket is a cryptocurrency wallet company headquartered in Singapore. The TokenPocket wallet is the most popular wallet in EOSIO because it provides users with pleasurable user experience, maximum security, and the convenience of being able to access all blockchain applications from one app by using its DApp store and DApp browser.

Why you need a TPExchange account

You need a TPEXchange account because you want to store your crypto or trade with a platform that:
* is secure,
* has high liquidity,
* has pleasant user experience,
* is easy to use, &
* provides you with access to all blockchains and cryptocurrency and the basic Defi applications that you need.

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange to trade or store your cryptocurrency is one of the most important decisions that every crypto enthusiast has to make. A bad choice could bring a lot of stress or loss.

Some people opt into cryptocurrency because they desire anonymity or ownership of funds, privacy, a better way to do remittance, a way to diversify their investment portfolio or a way to a hedge their wealth against the failing economies of the current monetary systems. Many people are in it for the money. It’s no secret that cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative sport.

Whatever your reason for getting into the cryptocurrency world, it is wise to not rely on a single exchange for trading or to store your cryptocurrencies. It is also wise to consider the following factors when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Security

While choosing an exchange to store your cryptocurrency or trade, you should primarily be concerned about the security of the exchange. This is because putting your funds in a centralized exchange is basically trusting them to keep it safe.

So far the TokenPocket team has proven to be very innovative and forward-thinking. Within a short time, they’ve built a competent and trustworthy brand. They’ve successfully provided a secure digital asset management platform and consistently led the pace of innovation in EOSIO mobile wallets. These are the first set of reasons that would make me entrust them with my funds and use their TPEXchange for storing and trading my cryptocurrency.

2. Liquidity

Liquidity is basically how easy it is to sell an asset. It is usually as a result of market demand for the asset. If you can easily sell your crypto, it has high liquidity. TPExchange will have higher liquidity for crypto assets than others because it leverages the liquidity of some of the best exchanges in the crypto market- Binance, OKEx and Huobi.

3. Pleasurable UI and UX

Perhaps the most attractive feature of TokenPocket app is that it is consumer-friendly. One does not need a tutorial to know how to use the wallet. Sometimes I wonder how TokenPocket app combines so much utility in one place and yet present it such a way that it is pleasurable to the end-user. It’s almost like magic.

4. Convenience and a one-stop-shop for everything:

Cryptocurrency newbies are going to love the TokenPocket app because it gives them the ability to navigate the entire cryptocurrency industry in one app and with so much ease.

Whether you want to do a quick swap from one blockchain/cryptocurrency to another, trade on a decentralized exchange, play your favourite EOS game, or any other blockchain application, whatever you want to do, TokenPocket got you covered. The TPExchange is one big addition to the ecosystem that ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of trading on a centralized exchange with high liquidity or entrust the custody of your cryptocurrencies to a reliable exchange.

One beautiful thing I noticed in the TPExchange is that users can now transfer from their own user-controlled wallets(where they control their private keys and funds) to a centralized exchange with just one click. This is new. No other cryptocurrency exchange or wallet allows users to easily deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency to/fro an exchange to a non-custodial wallet using just one click.

Register on TPExchange!

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