How to Create a Tron Account on TokenPocket

Creating a Tron account on TokenPocket is free. However, you’ll need to send 1 TRX to the newly created account to activate it.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to create a Tron account/wallet on TokenPocket.

Step 1

Download the TokenPocket app from play store or app store. The desktop version is also available for MAC and PC users on the TokenPocket website.

Step 2

Click on “No accounts”.

Step 3

Select Tron blockchain.

Step 4

Click on “create wallet”.

Step 5

Create a password.

Step 6

Back up your mnemonic phrase. Your mnemonic phrase is the only way you can prove that you are the true owner of your account so back it up in a safe place beyond the reach of any other person.

Step 7

To activate your new account, you’ll need help from an already existing account. Someone needs to 1 TRX to your new Tron address. That’s how to activate it. After activation, you can start using it at once.

Step 8

You can export your private keys from the app by going to settings and clicking on “export private keys”

Video demonstration of how to create Tron wallet on

About TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multi-purpose and multi-blockchain app that comprises of a non-custodial wallet (TP Wallet), a custodial cloud wallet (TP Cloud Wallet) and a dApp browser. The DApp browser enables users to store and trade cryptocurrencies and gain secured access to decentralized applications on the major blockchains. TokenPocket currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, BOSCore, IOST, Cosmos, and Jingtum. More blockchains and cryptocurrencies will be supported in due time.

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#Author of Understanding EOS: #Blockchain Consultant #Cryptocurrency Trader. Ex @OKx BD Manager for Nigeria