Get free TokenPocket Tokens (TPT) when you attend EOSIO Invasion

EOSIO Invasion is the first EOSIO Conference in Africa that aims to bring together the African blockchain community to discuss the various developments in the EOSIO ecosystem.

TokenPocket is also pleased to support community-building activities and projects EOSIO invasion that fosters the growth of the blockchain industry. Therefore TokenPocket will be giving 50,000+ TPT to participants of EOS Invasion to support the event.

Criteria, Rules and Rewards.

50,000 TPT would be distributed among 50 participants of EOS Invasion. To be among the lucky winners, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a user of TokenPocket Wallet.
  • Have a TPExchange account.
  • Join TokenPocket Telegram Group.
  • Follow TokenPocket on Twitter.
  • Complete this form to receive your TPT.
  • The first 50 persons to fulfil the above criteria will get 1000 TPT.
  • Everyone who participates will win some TPT. Everyone is a winner!

About TokenPocket.

TokenPocket is the most popular wallet in EOSIO. It is available on Android, iOS and Desktop and it supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies and all the major blockchains. It has a powerful and secure digital asset management system and it is a portal to the world of DApps.

About TPExchange.

TPExchange is the latest product from TokenPocket which gives users the ability to trade with the combined liquidity and niceties of three major centralized exchanges (Binance, Huobi and OKEx) from the comfort and security of the TokenPocket mobile app, using a single account. It is currently available for Android and iOS users.

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#Author of Understanding EOS: #Blockchain Consultant #Cryptocurrency Trader. Ex @OKx BD Manager for Nigeria

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Toju Kaka

Toju Kaka

#Author of Understanding EOS: #Blockchain Consultant #Cryptocurrency Trader. Ex @OKx BD Manager for Nigeria

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