EmpowermeEOS Partners with Prospectors.io to Empower Teens and Youths in Africa

Toju Kaka
4 min readJun 17, 2019
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In the summer of 1948, a discovery was made that radically transformed the economy of California, it brought incredible prosperity and eventually led to California becoming a State. It was gold. Gold was discovered at a place called Sutter’s Mill. The gold rush attracted over 300,000 prospectors from all over the world. Everyone wanted to mine some gold. Some people became rich as they struck gold quickly, others were not so lucky as the gold they mined could not even cater to their initial investments. The real entrepreneurs, however, became uber rich not because of the gold but because they provided goods and services to the miners.

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History is filled with many gold rushes and stories of how countries and individuals became wealthy because they “struck gold”. Prospectors.io game is based on these stories. It is an online real-time multiplayer economic strategy game built on EOS. In Prospectors, you basically play to mine gold or build tools or render services in order to earn gold/PGL tokens. The earnings from the game are real money and can be converted to cash.

Prospectors.io is partnering with EmpowermeEOS to empower young people in marginalized communities in Africa. The Prospectors organization will provide assistance in the form of in-game assets, which will enable students of the program to work and start businesses in the game to earn income. Earning the PGL token will also provide an ongoing source of passive income by means of a daily dividend reward paid to all PGL holders who “stake” their tokens. The team’s communication manager has provided mentoring and education to the students about the many opportunities the game provides.

EmpowermeEOS is a social enterprise that leverages on EOS Technology and Community to empower teens and youths. One of the ways EmpowermeEOS is doing this is by giving phones to youths in marginalized communities, helping them to earn EOS based tokens and mentoring them to become civic leaders and EOS ambassadors in their communities.

EmpowermeEOS is passionate about extending the boundaries of EOS to marginalized communities in Africa thereby facilitating the mass adoption of EOS. Onboarding new users to EOS is a benefit to the entire network. EOS is going to be a truly global community that supports financial inclusion and banks the unbanked.

The EmpowermeEOS program is designed in such a way that the students are mandated to give back to the EOS community by sponsoring one protegee after their time in the program with the same measure of education, mentorship or sponsorship that they have received. Doing so creates a ripple effect such that a single student-sponsored into the program can affect many lives. Each person only has to help one person by empowering them with education, mentorship or sponsoring their education. If everyone empowers just one person who then empowers another person, if we can keep up this circle, then this world would be significantly improved.

EmpowermeEOS Students are recommended by reputable educational institutions like Jumpstart Academy

In EOS there is going to be many opportunities for people to earn a living by using EOS based applications. EOS VC is investing over 500 Million Dollars into EOS based games. "Play to earn" is the new trend in the blockchain gaming industry. There is a lot of money in this industry and without a doubt, EOS based games are going to be a very potent source of income for gamers. As the EOS blockchain provides a more reliable infrastructure that gives gamers true ownership of their digital assets, a feeless platform where traders can conveniently trade their digital assets and the integrity and decentralized nature of blockchain technology, this new model of "play to earn" will quickly become not just only a trend but also a standard.


Prospectors.io will greatly benefit EmpowermeEOS as the community would be able to earn some income by playing the game. Beyond the ability to earn from the game, Prospectors.io is a perfect educational tool for EmpowermeEOS students because it would teach them how money and cryptocurrency works, the basic principles of economics and commerce and basic accounting. During the course of the game, the students would learn to strategize, effectively manage resources, coordinate themselves and trade and cooperate with other players.

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