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How Can blockchain Technology Solve the Problem of Poverty and Unemployment in Africa?

Education! That’s it. It’s actually very simple. I believe that no amount of financial aid can cure poverty because poverty is not a disease of the pocket, it is a disease of the mind.

The problem

Some people cannot afford to be online because they cannot afford smartphones nor internet subscription. They are therefore effectively cut off from any hope of financial liberty that comes with the internet and blockchain technology.

The solution

  • Provide the people with smartphones and teach them how they can use it to profit using the Karma app.
  • Engage them in a vlog educational challenge where they vlog about the things you want to teach them. Thereby turning the student into the teacher.
  • Empower them with technology, education, mentorship, and community.
  • Incentivize empowered people to empower others.

Why Karma?

  • Inspiration: The Karma app is the inspiration and primary tool for the EmpowermeEOS Initiative. Karma app creates an environment where people are constantly thinking of doing good deeds because it rewards users with Karma tokens for doing good.
  • Easy to Use: The Karma app is the easiest way to make money online today, it is, therefore, the easiest way for newbies and the uninitiated to start their blockchain journey.
  • Community is Empowerment: The karma community is the best and I know that they would support this initiative. I believe that Community is empowerment because the environment where someone grows goes a long way to influence the person’s character and outcome in life.
  • Incentive: The Karma app would be the primary source of revenue for the students during their early days.
  • Blockchain Accountability: Sponsors would be able to track the development of the students they sponsor via the karma app as the student would give a daily update of their education.

EmpowermeEOS Educational Program

The Challenge

The fruit of everything good in life starts with a challenge”. John Maxwell.

  • In the challenge, the students are required to upload a video of themselves daily for 3 months via the Karma app.
  • In the video, they would say, what they learned about EOS for the day. It could be anything.
  • They would start the video by saying myEOSstory day one or myEOSstory day two e.t.c depending on the day of the challenge they are currently in.

The Hypothesis

EOS can change the lives of people in Africa. It can bring a lot of financial and social liberty. But EOS technology is just technology, it is up to people to step up to the challenge, to empower themselves with knowledge and network and grab the prosperity that comes with technology.

Each one help one

EmpowermeEOS Mentorship Program

EmpowermeEOS Duties to Students

  • Every time students make a post on Karma, they get an upvote from Empowermeeos. Empowermeos is a karma whale so an upvote from EmpowermeEOS is very valuable.
  • If the post is of good quality students receive a karma reward of 100 to 1000 karma tokens from EmpowermeEOS.
  • On completion of the 3 Months challenge, students would receive a certificate of completion from EmpowermeEOS certifying them as EOS Enthusiast.
  • If students do excellently well, they would receive an award of excellence and a prize of 50 EOS tokens.

EmpowermeEOS Duties to Mentors

  • After Six months of Mentor Service, Mentors would receive an award of excellence and a prize of 50 EOS Tokens.
  • Awards are given to outstanding EmpowermeEOS Mentors Every Six Months.



  • Mentors are volunteers.
  • They ensure that their mentees upload a video to the Karma app about what they learned from EOS every day.
  • Special access to a rich network of EOS Enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Awards of excellence.
  • EOS Tokens.



  • The role of the student is to pay attention and learn.
  • They subscribe to a vetted list of influencers and consume their content daily.
  • They are to upload a video to Karma and Instagram daily with the hashtag #myEOSstory and EmpowermeEOS.
  • They are encouraged to read the book “Understanding EOS”(an online course for EOS beginners).
  • On completion o of the challenge, the students are encouraged to attempt an exam on “Understanding EOS” an online course for EOS Beginners.
  • The final duty of the EmpowermeEOS student before graduation shall be to help someone else to get into the EmpowermeEOS program i.e to recruit a new student.
  • The student is encouraged to be a mentor.
  • The student is mandated to give back. To provide a smartphone and data subscription to a new protege and foster a genealogy of blockchain education using the EmpowermeEOS method.
  • Special access to a rich network of EOS Enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Special access to EmpowermeEOS Mentors.
  • Karma upvote from EmpowermeEOS
  • Karma Tokens rewards from EmpowermeEOS
  • Awards of excellence.
  • EOS Tokens.

Bootstrapping the Program

The EmpowermeEOS Program would officially start on the first week of February 2019. Some EmpowermeEOS Mentors and students are going to be testing the waters. They are going to uploading videos that would serve as a template for what we expect to get from students. The First Generation EmpowermeEOS Mentors would be uploading videos of themselves on Karma, and Twitter saying things they learned about EOS and how EOS has improved their lives. The video below is an example of what an EmpowermeEOS video should look like.

EmpowermeEOS is Supported by the Following Partners

  • EOS Cafe
  • Karmaapp.io

Partner with Us

Join us as we create a better world leveraging on the EOS technology and community.

  1. You can partner with this initiative by donating physical smartphones. Details would be announced later.

Donate to the Cause

EOS Account: empowermeeos

Applications are Open

  • Apply to be an EmpowermeEOS Mentor: send an email to empowermeeos@gmail.com.
  • Apply to be an EmpowermeEOS Student or recommend someone in your locality: send an email to empowermeeos@gmail.com.

Contact EmpowermeEOS via the following media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/empowermeeos

EmpowermeEOS Team:

Kaka Toritseju





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