Campus Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour in OAU

Toju Kaka
4 min readNov 10, 2019


The third edition of CampusBCAT 2019 was held in OAU, Ile Ife on the 2nd of November, 2019. Campus BCAT is a cryptocurrency awareness tour in African Universities. The conference-style event features the most influential blockchain personalities and experts from around Africa who come to the universities to educate the student body and inspire them to consider acquiring blockchain/cryptocurrency related skills and pursue a career in blockchain technology.

The event is organized by Cryptotvplus, one of the foremost cryptocurrency media house in Africa and is supported and supported by many blockchain organizations including EOS Nation, Luno, Abit Crowd, Beep Magnet group, CCN, Vanguard, Abit network, Bitfxt, Naija Crypto, Sisibox, Sumo bank, e.t.c.

Charles Okaformbah of Vessel Trust, Samuel Joseph of CoinCola, Senator Ihenyen of Infusion Lawyers, Louis Dike, Dominic Rume, Kaka Toritseju, Onome Iduh, Chukwuemeka Ezike, Chinedu Obidiegwu, Gaius Chibueze were all present and spoke on different areas of blockchain technology

My Presentation during the event was titled “Historical relevance of the blockchain technology to future innovation (applications and use cases)”. I talked about the Bitcoin as the first application of blockchain technology, about how Ethereum introduced the idea of smart contracts and also about the amazing innovations happening in EOS.IO and BOSCore.

A New EmpowermeEOS Student Wins a Laptop

At the climax of the event, my organization EmpowermeEOS presented a laptop to one of the students. EmpowermeEOS is a non-profit-organization that focuses on reducing poverty and unemployment in marginalized communities by giving them education and mentorship and equipping them with tools to empower them and enable them to thrive in the digital economy. We really want to bridge the digital divide and make sure that Africa is not left behind in the blockchain revolution.

Lolade was the lucky winner of the laptop that was presented by EmpowermeEOS

BCAT Clubs

#CampusBCAT2019 is more than an event, it is usually followed by the inauguration of BCAT clubs. The BCAT clubs are saddled with the responsibility of promoting and advocating for the values of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Campus BCAT has become a movement in Nigerian Universities. In OAU, I observed a different type of hunger and passion from the student body. Various student organizations stood out and gave their relentless support for the event. They went as far as organizing a student rally to promote the event. The general sentiment of youths towards cryptocurrency is very positive. It is a sign that this technology has come to stay. It’s only a matter of time before blockchain becomes a norm and the old centralized and inefficient system gets wiped outed or upgraded.


Toju Kaka during his presentation



Toju Kaka

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