BOSCore Presentation at a Crypto Hangout in Lagos

Toju Kaka
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On Sunday 8th of September 2019, investors, developers and entrepreneurs in the city of Lagos converged at PlayPlace to network and discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The Presentations

Samuel Joseph, an EOS Nation Ambassador and a regional manager for Coincola, made the first presentation. He gave a brief introduction to blockchain technology and its application. Samuel focused on transparency as a core value of blockchain and why Nigeria should use blockchain for the next elections.

Samuel Joseph talking about the applications of blockchain technology

T oju Kaka, the Community Manager for BOSCore, introduced the audience to the fastest and most advanced blockchain for businesses and real-world use-cases; BOSCore. Kaka talked about another core feature of blockchain which is immutability. He talked about how the fast 3 seconds LIB/immutability in BOSCore makes BOSCore the ideal platform for blockchain applications. He also talked about other features in BOSCore such as the BOS Inter-blockchain communication and Worker proposal/grants for projects, ideas and teams that can bring value to the BOSCore network. He invited the audience to join the BOSCore community.

Kaka went further to provide practical steps that the crypto newbies in the audience can take to start their crypto journey right away. He introduced them to the TokenPocket and helped them create their first cryptocurrency accounts. Most of the attendees were seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, but they had little interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Kaka stated that applications that store and transfer data and value would make use of blockchain technology because they would require a more secure, decentralized, transparent and immutable system.

Most people who invest in cryptocurrency people don’t care about the technology and how things work. They just want to make a quick buck. Kaka’s presentation stressed the importance of understanding blockchain technology and the abundance of opportunities that could come with such understanding.

Kaka talking about the super-fast finality in BOSCore

Toyosi Abolarin made the final presentation. Toyosi is an innovation consultant, digital assets advisor, investor, and serial entrepreneur. He is the Lead Product Manager for the Payments and Remittance sector at Venture Garden Group, an organization that houses some of the largest fin-tech holding companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, who through their innovations have helped increase the banking services of Nigeria’s nearly 84.6 million unbanked population.

Toyosi Abolarin is the convener of the PlayPlace Crypto hangout. Notice the EOS Nation Logo on the background.

Toyosi’s presentation centred on investing in cryptocurrency. He advised the audience to invest wisely and implement strategies such as dollar-cost averaging to achieve long-term success. Toyosi introduced Boldseeds to the audience.

Boldseeds is a cryptocurrency investment solution that allows its users to automatically dollar cost average into Bitcoin, EOS, BOS or any other cryptocurrency in a way that is simple and stressfree. Boldseeds removes any form of responsibility from the user. They just have to specify the amount they want to invest, the frequency and duration of investing and set up other preferences. Boldseeds would automatically deduct the agreed amount from user bank accounts and invest it in their preferred cryptocurrency. Boldseeds has a lot of amazing features, but it is still in the MVP stage.

Other notable guests at the hangout include; Francis Vesta (Senior Investment Analyst, Itanna Capital), Brenda Nwagwu (Cofounder, Ampz.TV), Chiemela Ogwu (Senior Program Manager, Interswitch) and Samuel Ekpe (Founder, Grupa).

Gifts, Games, Networking and Music

The meet-up continued with networking, games and music. There were many giveaways such as cash prizes, souvenirs, branded shirts and free crypto tokens from different crypto communities. The grand giveaway was a Ledger Nano X wallet from Nairaex. Representatives of Dash, OKex, and other crypto communities were present to add colour to the event.


From left-to-right Toju Kaka, Toyosi Abolarin and Samuel Joseph



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