BOSCore 101: Frequently Asked Questions about BOSCore/BOS.

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1. What is BOSCore?

It is based on a code fork from a branch of the EOSIO GitHub repository. It, therefore, has all the advantages of EOSIO which includes:
* scalability and flexibility,
* Zero transaction fees,
* Human-readable account names,
* Super-fast confirmation time of 0.5 Seconds,
* Delegated Proof of Stake(DPOS) Consensus algorithm with Batch-PBFT, e.t.c.

BOSCore also has some advanced features that make it more attractive to dApp developers and end-users. These features include the BOS IBC, BOS 3 Seconds LIB, BOS WPS, and BOS Oracle e.t.c.

It is a free port for the blockchain world, an intermediary chain where other major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, e.t.c can freely pass and communicate.

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2. What is BOS?

We also use the term BOS to refer to the BOSCore network.

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3. What is BOSCore Executive Team(BET)?

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4. What is BOS IBC?

BOSCore is a free-port for the blockchain world where major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum can freely pass and communicate.

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5. What is BOS WPS?

100 million BOS has been earmarked for infrastructure construction, protocol standard-setting, code optimisation, and ecological partner incentives, e.t.c. Other EOSIO eco-contributors can also apply for fund support.

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6. What is BOS 3 Seconds LIB?

When you send a transaction on the EOS main-net, it goes through in 0.5 seconds(almost instantly). This is much better than Ethereum or Bitcoin which takes minutes for a transaction to be immutable/irreversible. However, it takes 3 minutes for that transaction to achieve finality or become immutable.

BOSCore 3 Second LIB is the time it takes for block transactions to be written to the blockchain in an immutable state, meaning that within three seconds transactions can become irreversible. This makes BOSCore the fastest blockchain in the world and the most suitable platform for dApps that are intended for everyday use.

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7. How to Create a BOS account?

Get a free BOS account with a red packet from BOS telegram group

Create BOS account with Paypal Using Token Pocket

Get a free BOS account from MyEOSWallet

8. Which Wallets Support BOS?

  • TokenPocket
  • Scatter
  • Lynx
  • MyEOSWallet
  • SimpleEOS, e.t.c.

9. Where can I buy BOS? / Which Exchanges Currently Support BOS?

10. When Airdrop?

11. Why should Anyone Pay Attention to BOSCore or Build on BOSCore?

  • BOSCore offers more advanced features that make it more suitable for dApp developers and users.
  • BOSCore is the fastest blockchain in existence, being able to reach finality in just 3 Seconds. This opens a new world of opportunities for dApps, businesses and games which rely on finality. BOSCore will enable ideas or businesses which were hitherto not possible to be implemented on the blockchain.
  • It’s cheaper to build on BOSCore than other blockchains.
  • BOSCore has developed inter-blockchain communication through which all other blockchains and cryptocurrencies can freely communicate and pass.
  • BOSCore also has set aside 100Million BOS to incentivise developers and projects which would bring value to the BOSCore network or EOS.IO ecosystem. All these features (and more) makes BOSCore the best choice.

12. What is the total supply of BOS? How does BOS pay Block Producers? What is BOS Economic System?

The 1 Billion Total Supply is distributed as follows:

10% or 100 Million BOS Tokens is Set Aside for Work Proposals or Strategic Partner Fund.

10% or 100 Million BOS Tokens is Set Aside for Ecosystem Airdrops.

40% or 400 Million BOS Tokens is Used to Incentivise the Ecosystem

20% or 200 Million for Private Sale.

20% or 200 Million for Founding Team.

The 2% Annual Inflation is Distributed as follows:

  • 1% for BP rewards.
  • 0.8% for developer rewards.
  • 0.2% for governance incentives.

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13. What’s the API endpoint?

14. Where is the List of endpoints, for cleos tool?

15. Does BOS have an explorer? How can I track BOS tokens on BOSchain or view BOS Block Producers?

16. Where can I check BOS DApp information?

17. Where can I check the main net BOS backup stats?

18. Where is BOSCore White Paper?

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