OKEx Partners In Nigeria Are Earning $200 to $5,000 Monthly

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OKEx is one of the topmost exchanges in the world that has been providing a secure and convenient platform for traders of all levels since 2017. To develop and expand the digital asset market in Nigeria, OKEx has launched an affiliate program called the OKEx Partner Program.

Through this program, OKEx is seeking referrals from partners with industry resources and expertise to promote the OKEx ecosystem and facilitate the rapid growth of the exchange. OKEx is also providing competitive compensations and benefits to partners who bring more traders to the exchange.

Community leaders, influencers (in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), aggregators, media and blogs and business partners are welcome to join in the OKEx Partnership Program.

For community leaders and influencers, some of the benefits of the Partnership Program are listed below:

  1. Endorsement: OKEx can provide $200 to $5000 monthly endorsement for the partners who bring traders to the exchange. For a start, OKEx usually provides a basic endorsement package which will increase with time, based on the performance of the partner and his willingness to work with OKEx.
  2. Sponsorship: The sponsorship can come in many forms.
    Promotion fund support: OKEx can help partners promote their businesses to get more users who can later be converted to premium members.
    Exclusive activities: OKEx can sponsor trading activities that give exclusive bonuses to partner’s students.
  3. Special Privileges:
    a. Certified posters with OKEx branding.
    b. VIP ticket to OKEx meetings and events.
    c. BETA TEST for the latest OKEx products.
    d. Participate in AMA events in OKEx official community as OKEX certified partner.
  4. Special Commission: Enjoy 40% commission rebate + 10% of the Sub-affiliate’s commission reward.
  5. VIP Benefits: Traders with large volume can enjoy special rebates (up to $100) on trading fees.

How To Apply For The OKEx Partner Program

  1. Register on OKEx using this link.
  2. Fill out the application form.

Earn From The Partner Program by Referring Partners

The OKEx partner program would appeal to many cryptocurrency influencers but if you do not wish to be a partner or do not have the capacity, you can also earn from the partner program by referring capable hands to us.

You can refer a partner by submitting the partner referral application form. When you do so, we will contact you and if the partner is qualified and you help us to close the deal with the applicant, you could earn $20 to $200 in USDT based on the partner’s level.

OKEx partner are in different levels (0–4) and you earn more (up to $200) when you refer quality partners to OKEx.

One of the goals of the partner program is to build a long term relationship with our partners and to help them grow their cryptocurrency businesses while promoting the exchange.

Whether you are a veteran trader or a newbie, OKEx is the place for you. With the OKEx partner program, you not only make a profit by trading but also by inviting your friends and community members to trade.

Enjoy trading…

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