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I wasn’t born with the gift of writing. In fact, until I started blogging on Steemit in 2016, I never really saw myself as a writer. And if not for the huge rewards I was getting, ($5 to $500 per post, despite my mediocre writing and inability to generate enormous traffic), I probably would never have developed the habit of writing.

Today, the Steemit opportunity is gone, but I still write. I’ve come to love writing for its many benefits. It makes me feel happier, more productive and enable me to communicate my ideas with more clarity. I like the…

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Trading and investing all hinge on how well you can assess an asset’s market, determine its prospective future movements, and make your move accordingly. The assessment is an indispensable part of the process, the bulk of the process as a matter of fact. It is the difference between calculated investment and downright gambling. Even gambling sometimes involves critical analysis, which determines how odds are allotted to potential outcomes.

In investment, the most common analysis systems that are employed are Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. What are they? What do they involve? Which is better? Let’s find out.

Simply put, Fundamental…

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Dollar-cost averaging, also known as incremental trading or unit cost averaging, is an investment strategy that involves using a fixed dollar amount to buy into a market at regular intervals over a long period.

The investor is first required to calculate how much exactly he wants to invest with. On completion of this, rather than putting in the entire sum and buying the asset at a particular price at once (lump-sum investing), the investor makes another choice to divide the capital into parts.

Thus, after passaging every period, a part of the investment is used to buy in that…

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There are few terminologies as common as ‘margin’ and ‘margin trading’ in trading circles. Margin trading is quite technical and requires a high level of understanding to pull off successfully. But fear not, for this post is here to guide you.

Simply put, margin trading is the type of trading that is funded by third parties. In order words, margin traders “borrow” money from third parties to trade with larger funds for larger rewards. These third parties are usually brokers in forex, and exchanges or other traders in cryptocurrency.

The margin is the money the trader owns himself. It is…

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Many a time, investment involves buying an asset at a particular price in a base unit at a point in time, then exchanging it back to the base unit when it has increased in value. As simple as it may seem, this involves an awful lot of factors to consider. Apart from fundamental and technical analyses about the asset’s probable movements in most cases, factors outside the immediate scope of the asset are also put into consideration. Of these, one the most important, and perhaps the most underrated, is liquidity. What is liquidity? What makes it so important? …

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Hedging is a common strategy in trading and investing in financial assets. It’s a term that appears very often in financial discourses, and rightly so. Have you ever wondered what it is, how it works, what we use it for, and the pros and cons? If yes, then today is your lucky day!

Hedging simply is the trading of a financial asset to counteract the effect of another trade. It involves using other financial assets to offset unfavorable market movement in an earlier trade. It is especially useful when dealing with derivatives, be it in stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Hedging may…

One beautiful thing about making investments in cryptocurrency is the fact that you don’t need to become an expert before you begin to make such investments. All you really need is the right knowledge and guidance. Whenever people tell me that they want to invest in crypto, I usually tell them to start by asking themselves “why?” “Why should I invest in crypto?” This article answers the question.

1. Increasing popularity

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a mainstay in the global financial ecosystem. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS amongst others are gaining traction and causing ripples all over the world. If there was ever a…

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OKEx is one of the topmost exchanges in the world that has been providing a secure and convenient platform for traders of all levels since 2017. To develop and expand the digital asset market in Nigeria, OKEx has launched an affiliate program called the OKEx Partner Program.

Through this program, OKEx is seeking referrals from partners with industry resources and expertise to promote the OKEx ecosystem and facilitate the rapid growth of the exchange. OKEx is also providing competitive compensations and benefits to partners who bring more traders to the exchange.

Community leaders, influencers (in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), aggregators…

OKEx is one of the most trusted places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. To trade on OKEx, you need to sign up, complete KYC(optional), deposit some cryptocurrency and then you are good to go!

Sign up

Register on OKEx with this link and you’ll get $10 in free bitcoin if you buy $100 or more crypto on your first order.

Complete KYC Verification

You should be able to trade and make withdrawals from OKEx without KYC, but completing the KYC gives you extra benefits. The tutorial below from the OKEx academy demonstrates how to complete KYC verification.

Make Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on OKEx are simple. Read…

Creating a Tron account on TokenPocket is free. However, you’ll need to send 1 TRX to the newly created account to activate it.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to create a Tron account/wallet on TokenPocket.

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